About Us

Now, I want to thank you for showing your interest in my blog. 😀

Clash of Guider is a blog targeting gamers who want to build their own cash. I spend a lot on gaming and I know, most of the time, you cannot buy games for not having enough cash in your pocket.

Wait, you don’t need to use your parent’s money. You can start making money online in many different ways. I share gaming articles, tech guides as well as ways to make money online.

Now for games, I mainly targeted Supercell games including Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach & Hay Day too. I’ll be sharing the updates’ news, and some downloads as well. 🙂

So, let’s cut this down…

Clash of Guider is a resourceful blog where you can find the latest gaming news (from Supercell) and tech guides. Most importantly, you can learn how to make money online, and how I make more than $500 monthly as a 15-year old.


  • Gaming news
  • tech guides
  • tutorials and more…

Who’s Behind Clash of Guider?

If you’re intBright Joeerested to know who I’m and why I started this blog, you can read this. 😉

Basically, I’m Bright Joe, the found and editor of Clash of Guider and TechiePaw. I also write for another blog, and this is my personal blog as you can say. I actually started this blog to share things I was interested about. Similarly, I thought of sharing tech guides as I enjoyed writing them.

I’m internet marketing savvy, and I love the way you strategize your plans to make money. Here, I’ll be sharing the ways I use to make a couple of hundreds of dollars each month to help out myself. I’m a school student, and I’m glad I’m able to cover up my own academic fees without having to rely on my mom to pay for it. 🙂

Things I love to do:

  • playing PC games.
  • building custom PCs.
  • writing about tech.
  • Learning about internet marketing.

I also work on freelancing sites to earn a few bucks more to help my family. I’ll also be providing copywriting services after a few weeks, and I’m still learning new things every day.

Anyway, thanks to each one of you for supporting me through my journey. 😀

Want to contact me? Visit the Contact page to ask anything you want.
Bright Joe , Clash of Guider
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