4 New Cards Incoming in Clash Royale December Update

Clash Royale’s next update is gonna be huge! Like every year, Supercell never fails to amuse us with their creative minds. Four more new cards are joining the Arena in the Clash Royale December Update! It’s gonna be big! 😀

Recently, Supercell released the update news, and all you know is that 4 cards are coming. However, Supercell only stated one of the cards which is called the ‘Dart Goblin‘ which is to be released on the 13th January next year.

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Anyway, here’s all you need to know for this update regarding the 4 new cards! 😀

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4 New Cards in Clash Royale December Update

In general, the 4 new cards are:

  • Dart Golbin
  • Battle Ram
  • Goblin Gang
  • Executioner
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Well, it’s time to examine each of the cards closely and to know how effect they are to the game! 😀

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Dart Goblin

Clash Royale Dart Goblin, CR Dart Goblin

Dart Goblin is one of the funny & cute creatures in Clash Royale. It’s movement speed is relatively fast and shoots darts and chews a chewing-gum while fighting in the arena! 😀

Here are some brief details about this card:

  • The card costs 3 Elixir.
  • Its movement speed very fast as well as its attack speed.
  • It’s a very rare card and can only be found in the ‘Jungle Arena’.
  • It’s very powerful against mass enemies such as ‘Skeletons‘.
  • Its attack range is quite high like the Queen!
  • It’s cheap and comes handy while defending! 

Battle Ram

Clash Royale Battle Ram, CR Battle Ram

Battle Ram as the name suggests is a card consisting of two Barbarians and a Ram which they carry to deal massive damage to the enemy’s buildings.

Here are some brief details about this card:

  • The card costs 4 Elixir.
  • It’s a rare card and can be found in the builder’s workshop.
  • The card also has charged damage which deals bonus damage.
  • The Ram is carried by two Barbarians.
  • When the Ram is broken, the brave two Barbarians join the fight with their swords.
  • It’s good for taking down buildings at ease. 

Goblin Gang

Clash Royale Goblin Gang, CR Goblin Gang

Goblin Gang is a card consisting of a group of Goblins. It has 6 Goblins of which 3 are Spear Goblins and the other 3 are ordinary Knife Goblins. 😀

  • The card costs 3 Elixir.
  • It can be unlocked in the Jungle Arena (2600 trophies).
  • The gang consists of 6 Goblins: 3 ordinary Goblins & 3 Spear Goblins.
  • It targets the units near them depending on the proximity.


Clash Royale Executioner, CR Executioner

The Executioner is one of the deadly cards in Clash Royale. It deals splash damage and can take out waves of unless powerful cards like the Skeletons without hassle. 😉

  • The card costs 5 Elixir.
  • The card is under the ‘Epic‘ type.
  • It does a great combo with the Clone Spell.
  • Goblins and Skeletons are of no use in front of the Executioner!

Video: Cards from Clash Royale December Update

You can watch this video by Orange Juice (YouTuber) which show the 4 new cards from the Clash Royale December Update in action! 😀


That’s all for know. I don’t accurately know the stats of each of these new cards as they are not even out. However, I think these new cards will change how you plan your attacks in Clash Royale! 😉

If you found this post helpful, make sure to share it with your Royale friends. You should also let me know about your opinions in these cards, and how you think they will effect the gameplay now! 😀

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