Clash of Clans Winter Update 2016: Sneak Peaks & Things to Know

Supercell recently released the Clash of Clans Winter Update 2016 sneak peaks. In this update, several balances will be done which will mainly affect TH11 players. The update is to be triggered just before Christmas which is bringing in more epicness! 😀

In general, Supercell decided to snap some of the units that are not being used often in the game. However, this update might change the way attacks are planned, so it’s gonna be huge!

The Clash of Clans Winter Update 2016 is expected to keep the game balanced and fun for all. However, it will be hitting on the TH11 players the most.

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Clash of Clans Winter Update: Things to Know

In short, these are the things that are getting balanced:

  • Barbarian King (level 41-45)
  • Archer Queen (level 41-45)
  • Clan Castle (level 7)
  • Golem (level 6)
  • Hog Rider (level 7)
  • Poison Spell (level 5)
  • Wizard Tower (level 10)
  • The radius of Poison Spell is slightly increased.
  • Witch’s damage is slightly increased.
  • Balloons attack faster after reaching their target.
  • Attack speed of PEKKA is slightly increased.
  • 50 Additional walls for TH 11 players.
  • Attack speed of Dragon has been increased.
  • New friendly war challenges for 15 and 30 minutes.
  • Clan mail cooldown reduced to 1 hour.

So, what’s it affecting?

To be exact, I’m not yet sure in detail of each of the units. But these are some effects which might help players spend more time in the game during these holidays! 😀

  • In Clan Castle level 7, you can donate larger spells like Rage spell, Freeze spell, etc.
  • The radius of Poison Spell is increased as it demands less ‘pixel perfect precision‘.
  • The attack speed of Dragon, Balloon, and the PEKKA are increased but DPS remains same,
  • 50 more walls add more room for better defense for TH11 players!
  • Clan Mail cooldown reduction will be a benefit for Leaders & Co-leaders during Clan wars.

Clash of Clans December Update 2016: Discounts!

According to Supercell, there will be some discounts going on with these specific units. I assume that the upgrade cost as well the time needed to finish upgrading will be reduced. I’m not sure, though, but this is gonna be fun! 😀

  • Barbarian King (level 31-40)
  • Archer Queen (level 26-40)
  • Wall (level 10-11)
  • Clan Castle (level 5-6)
  • Hog Riders (All)
  • Golems  (All)


That’s all the sneak peaks Supercell released a few days back. However, I think the Clash of Clans December Update 2016 is gonna be hugely rewarding. Especially the discounts which would help tons of players struggling to get up the line, trying to upgrade their defenses and buildings for maximum defense. 😀

Let me know in the comments what you think this update is gonna be, and also share this with your friends to give them a better vacation during this Winter season! Yeah, let the Clash of Clans Winter Update 2016 role, it’s gonna be awesome! 😀

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chris - March 10, 2017

awesome update ice wizard!

Lennox - June 11, 2017

Hello this is a really Nice Server i love it


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