Clash Royale Balance Update News & Changes – June 2016

Supercell is very active when it comes to ‘updates’. However, a minor balance update called the ‘Clash Royale Balance Update‘ showed up last week. This update made the arena more competitive to battle on. However, some overpowered troops were fixed while expensive useless troops were given their price’s value. 😀

This balance update was notified by a Supercell staff last week saying that Clash Royale is having a maintenance break. The latest Clash Royale balance update brought many changes including toning down the Hog Rider and giving alternative offensive options a significant boost. The changes also include the X-Bow where its deploy time has been decreased while the hitpoints have been increased by 18 percent.

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Most players seem to be very happy and appreciate the small but effective balance update. However, Supercell believes that the last change they did to the X-Bow was brutal. Since then, they had been seeing a staggering fall in the use of the X-Bow. So this update is just reviving back the X-Bow for a better defensive style. 🙂

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Clash Royale Balance Update News – June 2016

This quick balance update will a quite a good job of matching the powers with the price. Some troops were overpowered at a very cheap rate, while some noob troops were leading the price board. That was, however, okay, as no one would use an expensive troop which is weak. 😀

The Cards balanced are:

  • Hog Rider
  • Prince
  • P.E.K.K.A
  • Goblin Barrel
  • X-Bow
  • Mortar
  • Furnace
  • Guards
  • Witch
  • Lava Hound
  • Skeletons
  • Cannon
  • Tesla

I found something really interesting. Many people seemed to have left X-Bow & Mortar after the terrible change they had. But now, I found tons people saying something similar to “X-Bow & Mortar are back“. Now, they have a reason to use them again. So here is a little tribute to Supercell for paying heed to their players. This ‘Clash Royale Balance Update‘ has nothing to disappoint you. 😀

Clash Royale Balance Updates: What Changes?

You can see the list above which tells you of the cards which were a balance. Now it’s time to take a look at what changes came about. So, here are the list of changes reach card had after this Clash Royale balance update of June 2016. 😉

Hog Rider: Damage decreased by 6%

According to Supercell, Hog Rider is the top choice for destroying towers. They wanted to see a boost in the use of offensive cards, and so this little change to the Hog Rider can help them achieve it. The next step is to make lesser-used offense cards more attractive.

Prince: Damage increased by 9%

The Prince is terrifying from the early to the mid arena. Later, it becomes less scary and less powerful while players keep gaining experience. So, adding a bit more strength to it will give it a chance to scare the high arena level players too! 😉

P.E.K.K.A: Damage increased by 8%

The P.E.K.K.A now has more power as a defensive troop card. This little change gives it more power to defend weak troops like Archers & Barbarians with one swing of his sword. So now the P.E.K.K.A is a great offensive choice to scare your enemy.

Goblin Barrel: Goblin Spawn Time decreased to 1 Second

It’s time for Goblins to fly across the arena once again. Supercell explained this change was for bringing back the Goblin Barrel to life, and they wanted to see it being used more and more. These all things make the arena more competitive, doesn’t it? 😀

X-Bow: Spawn Time decreased to 4 Second / Hitpoints increased by 18%

As I said earlier, X-Bow is getting revived within this Clash Royale balance update. Supercell believes their change for the X-Bow was a bit brutal in the last update. Supercell also states that we would like to see the use of X-Bows from battle to battle, and tried to make it more challenging to use. Interesting right? 😀

Mortar: Spawn Time decreased to 4 Seconds

Similar to the X-Bow, Supercell believed their last update sucked for the Mortar too. So this update is helping it getting its fame again. All they want is to make the game more challenging by adding more spices to it. The story is same as the X-Bow one. 🙂

Furnace: Lifetime Increased to 50 Seconds

Before the Furnace would last only for 40 seconds. Now this update gives it a longer life of 50 seconds in total. That’s a solid balance for making it more interesting to use. Supercell says it’s now more possible to stack multiple Furnaces at a time due to its longer lifetime. 😀

Guards: Pushback Effect Removed

Removing the pushback effect will allow the ruthless bone brothers to get in a couple of extra nudges, and hopefully will make the battles more competitive. 🙂

Witch: Damage Increased by 17%

The previous change Supercell did for the Witch wasn’t up to the mark as they hoped for. However, this change will allow the Witch to kill the Minions in 3 hits and not 4 according to Supercell staffs. This will mostly have an effect on Tournaments levels which was newly introduced in the last 4th July update.

Lave Hound: Damage Increased by 28%

The Lava Hounds weren’t very scary before, making the players ignore them. But now, the Lave Hound strikes back with 28% more damage. Players might get a scare jump, LOL. But yeah, this small tweaking can increase the usage of the Lava Hounds. 😉

Skeletons: Spawns 3 not 4

The Skeletons Card spawned 4 skeletons before, but now after the Clash Royale balance update, it spawns only 3 skeletons. According to Supercell, they offered too much distraction and damage compared to its price of only one Elixir!

Other Changes

  • Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 8%
  • Tesla: Hitpoints increased by 8%

Summary of June’s Clash Royale Balance Update

In my opinion, this ‘Clash Royale balance update‘ was an awesome one. Everything is now properly balanced, but we can’t say anything for now. Some more changes might come in within the next month which is nothing impossible. That’s the reason for Supercell being one the top of mobile gaming with millions of players. They keep doing something interesting! 😉

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