Clash Royale Update July 2016: New Cards, Arena & Tournaments

Clash Royale had a massive new update just three days back. This update called the ‘Clash Royale Update July 2016‘ brought in the Bowler from Clash of Clans and two more new cards. This update introduced a couple of things like tournaments and another new arena called the ‘Frozen Peak‘ which unlocks when you have 2300 trophies.

Supercell is doing awesome by updating their games enough. For instance, pro players who already have got every card must be feeling bored, so Supercell brings in this new stuff every time to keep them entertained. Every update also makes the game more challenging, and that’s why Supercell rock when it comes to ‘updates’.

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Clash Royale Update July 2016: New Things

In this update, Supercell added some new stuff.

  • Massive new feature: Tournaments!
  • You can battle players nearby for Tournament Trophies!
  • Earn Tournament Trophies to earn HUGE Tournament Chests!
  • Join Clash Royale Tourney Week and watch awesome tournaments giving out big prizes!
  • Ice Spirit – The New Common Card
  • Bowler – New Epic Card (source: Clash of Clans)
  • Lumberjack & The Log – The Two New Legendary Cards
  • New Arena called ‘Frozen Peak‘ unlocks at 2300 Trophies.
  • Unlock new achievements by competing in tournaments.
  • A feature called ‘TV Royale‘ features top players in the Legendary Arena channel more frequently.
  • In Friendly Battles, you can choose which Arena to fight in.
  • Now in the Card Collection, you can sort your cards by categories – Arena, Elixir Cost or Rarity.
  • In Player Profile, you can see the last used Battle Deck from any battle.
  • More Bux Fixes and many cards re-balanced for more competitive battles.


This was one of the biggest Clash Royale updates in July 2016. I’m glad that new features have been added such as the ‘Tournaments‘. Some might be just minor changes but the most interesting things are the new cards and the new Arena – Frozen Peak. There are many minor changes which will change the competition of the battles.

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